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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you make breads?
Do you have Gluten Fee Products?
What is the Red Barn Building?
Who owns Triolo's Bakery?
How many products do you produce?
How long have you been in business?
Do you offer vegan desserts?
What types of platters do you offer?
Can I Intern at your Bakery?
What is a CakeEvator?
Are you on Facebook?
We make a limited number of breads on site daily, using all natural ingredients. You can special order breads to ensure the desired selection is available. FAQ
Gluten Less Desserts
Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, all of which are used in our Bakery. While we cannot guarantee a dessert is gluten free, we do offer several desserts that do not incorporate ingredients with gluten. For more information on Gluten, please see Guide to a Healthy Kitchen, available at FAQ
Triolo's Bakery offers breakfast platters, cookie platters, pastry platters, and sandwich platters. Platters are available in small (8-10), medium (11-15), and large sizes (15-20). Platters must be ordered with 24 hour notice. FAQ
Triolo's Bakery Building
We selected the iconic Red Barn Building in Bedford across from where the Lexus Car Dealership (formerly C.R. Sparks location) for its distinctive New England look and feel. We completely renovated the inside to modernize the interior and ensure cleanliness. FAQ
Triolo's Bakery History
Triolo's Bakery opened Dec 10, 2012. FAQ
Triolo's Bakery Ownership
Triolo's Bakery is a Limited Liability Company with various member owners. All management responsibilities lie with the on-site management staff. FAQ
Triolo's Bakery Products
At Triolo's Bakery, we make over 300 different products on site, all from scratch and with all natural ingredients. There are no chemical preservatives in our breads, cakes, cupcakes, or pastries. FAQ
Vegan Desserts
Vegan desserts are made without the use of animal products such as Cow milk, Goat milk, and Eggs. While we are researching vegan desserts for product development, you are welcomed to see the Top 13 Vegan Desserts of 2013! for some amazing recipes. FAQ
Cake Elevator
The Cake Elevator (aka The CakeEvator) is a custom Cake Elevator made by Vector Electric in Hollis, NH, specially designed to transport Cakes betwen the upstairs Kitchen and the downstairs Retail area of Triolo's Bakery. FAQ
Each year, we select a subset of the numerous applications we receive from Interns, and then begin the process of interviewing and testing each intern to find the right fit between their needs and expectations, and ours. It is a long process to secure an Internship at Triolo's Bakery, but a rewarding one as well. Applicants that are not accepted the first year, can be wait listed for a subsequent opening. FAQ
Yes, you can follow us on Facebook. You can view our public photos even if you do not have a Facebook Account. FAQ

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