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At Triolo's Bakery, we offer four categories of dessert pastries including: finger pastries, plated pastries, french macarons, and whoopie pies.

Finger Pastries

A selection of fresh baked finger pastry bite sized treats available individually, or in assorted platters perfect for office meetings, family gatherings, or any party, Finger pastries include bars, brownies, cream puffs, elcairs, napoleans and popovers to name a few.
Plated Pastries from  Triolo's Bakery
Plated Pastry Menu

Plated Pastries

Triolo's Bakery plated pastries, designed to be plated as a single serving dessert, include bombs, cheesecake cups, mousse cups, petite gateus, tarts, tiramisu cups, and more.
French Macarons from  Triolo's Bakery
French Macarons

French Macarons

Triolo's Bakery french macarons are delicate French treats that add a level of sophistication to your dessert. This glutenless sweet meringue-based confection are filled with Triolo's Bakery buttercream to make the perfect treat.
Whoopie Pies from Triolo's Bakery
Whoopie Pie Menu

Whoopie Pies

Nothing says New England like a whoopie pie! Made with all natural ingredients and our secret recipe marshmallow fluff, Triolo's Bakery whoopie pie is an awesome treat! Skip the preservatives and go all natural!

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